Workshop services are available for your next event. With tons of flexibility, workshops can be tailored to fit perfectly to your time needs and group requirements.  Workshops run a minimum of 90 minutes, but can be expanded with additional material, breakout sessions, and activities to fit the needs of your events.*

The following workshops are available:

G.O.A.L. Achievement Strategy Workshop

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Have you had a goal that you have struggled in reaching? The G.O.A.L. Achievement Strategy Workshop is designed to help you create your strategy for reaching your goals.  Through a 4 step process, you’ll be introduced to the skills you need to create a doable, actionable strategy to take you to success!


In this workshop you will learn  how to:

  • define your your goal
  • identify obstacles
  • commit to action
  • learn from your journey


Limited to LIMITLESS!

limited to limitless


Do you want to be successful, but get stuck in your own self doubt?  Do your expectations and beliefs keep you from stepping into your full potential?

In Limited to LIMITLESS! you’ll learn how to maximize your potential by addressing and assessing your minimizing beliefs.


In this workshop you will learn:

  • what beliefs are
  • how they serve you
  • how limiting beliefs differ
  • how you can address them
  • how your external actions can move you forward
  • the role your inner actions play in your success



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Are you in a “transition” phase of life?  The truth is that life is a series of transitional phases.  The key to navigating transition  lies in your own hands and heart. Rocking your transition requires you to WOMAN UP. Own It. Account For It. Manage It.


In this workshop you’ll learn what it means to adopt the key components of what it means to WOMAN UP!

  • taking unselfish ownership
  • absolute accountability
  • mindful and meaningful management



*Please note that fees for Workshops are based on a 90 minute presentation. Fees will be adjusted for each additional 30 minutes of presentation time. All workshops will have minimum paid participant requirements.  Maximums may apply.  Inquire at the CONTACT tab for more information.


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