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What is Accountability, Transition and Re-Discovery Coaching?

Just like an athlete knows the game or event they participate in, you know your life.  But, just as the athlete is coached to bring out their best efforts and performance, a coaching can do the same for you.  In times of transition or change, you may lose sight and clear vision on who you are and how to get to where you want to be. You have a goal, dream or desire that you want to reach, but are struggling to get there.  Perhaps the goal, dream or desire is not a particular destination or accomplishment, but a desire to get back to knowing you and feeling empowered or fulfilled. Coaching helps to illuminate the talents, skills, and abilities that already lie within you to guide you on your path to rediscovery and fulfillment.  Coaching is action driven, reflective, positive, motivating, and exciting.

What Does a Coach Do?

As your coach, I help you look at where you are now as opposed to where you want to be, and help you to bridge the gap between the two states of being. Through questions, actions steps, and accountability support, as your  Coach I encourage and support you to be motivated and moving toward your desired outcome. I partner with you to draw on the strengths and abilities that are already within you, empowering you move you toward your goal.  As your, Coach I believe that you come into the coaching process whole and complete, and that the answers and skills needed to meet your goals already lie within you.

As your Coach, I walk with you through setting your goal, making your plan, and taking your steps to get there. I can help you see benefits, opportunities and potential within you, that serve and propel you to your goals. I will be both your cheerleader, and your challenger – because I BELIEVE IN YOU!

What Does Coaching Not Do?

As your Coach I do not provide counseling or therapy, although you will experience self-discovery and empowerment. Coaching does not fix things for you, but empowers you to see that the solutions lie within you. It is not a magic pill. It requires work and commitment to your goals and dreams, and a willingness to step out of your comfort zone.  As your coach I do not take charge of you and lay out a plan. You are always in control of the process, supported and encouraged to stretch yourself. Together we work from the present and  move forward toward your goals, not resolving issues from the past.

How Can You Benefit From Coaching?

You can benefit from the coaching experience. Coaching is designed to empower you to bring the very best of you, enabling you to move in a forward direction toward your goals.  Whether it is to lodge free from the treadmill of transition in life, reaching a specific career or relationship goal,  living out a dream, or getting re-acquainted with who you are as you enter new phases of life, coaching will draw on the potential and ability that lie within you to help you reach your goal.

I want to partner with you on your journey! 

What Does A Coaching Session Look Like?

A coaching session is a wonderfully empowering experience. It is a session free of judgment, opinion, or questioning of your goals by your coach.  The session is a time of brainstorming, discovery, and development of you. It is a time for being stretched – but doesn’t a good stretch feel great?

Coaching is an experience with compounding benefits. It is a process. Although you will have great takeaways from each session, the best benefits come from multiple sessions. This brings the element of accountability for reaching action steps, a well-rounded set of life concepts to be explored, and recognition of  personal progress.   Each session is typically a 45-90 minute meeting where the client and the coach connect by phone, face-to-face, or over video chat. In each session, past goals and actions steps, and obstacles to meeting the past week’s goals are discussed, reflected upon, and flushed out. Goals, actions steps and potential obstacles for the following week are set.  The coach may provide additional activities, life concept or reflective activities to enhance the coaching experience for the client. An appointment for the next session is set.

Coaching Session Rate: $125 per session

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