New Year Resolutions: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Happy new year! 

WHappy New Yearhen the clock ticked to 12:01 AM on January 1, you, like millions and millions of others, felt the exhilaration of a fresh start with the flip of the calendar. You set goals for growth. You set goals for health. You set goals for relationships. You set goals for your finances. You set goals to be and do better this year, than you did last. This is the year that you will change.

How many of the goals that you set this year, are the same that you set last year? If one of them is the same, it’s ok. If all of them are the same, don’t feel badly.

Many people struggle with accomplishing the goals they set out to reach. You may have noticed you see the same celeb spokesperson touting yet another new healthy eating kick asking you to join them on their journey…yet again. That friend you have that began a fitness journey is suddenly sitting on the couch with you. That “____ days without a cigarette” post in your news-feed stopped showing up about January 23rd last year. This year, those same goals are probably the same ones those same people are working again… with the same behaviors and actions that they used last year.

Does this ring true for you too? If so, read on…

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself as you are setting out on your new resolutions for this year. 

1. Do I have a clear idea of what it takes to make my goal a reality?

Making new year resolutions and setting a goal is great.  But it takes thought.  Get clear on what you will need to do to make the goal happen.  If you can’t see a clear path, either clear your eyes, or adjust your goal to a realistic size.

2. Am I REALLY willing to do what I need to do to reach my goal?

Success in your  new year resolutions is dependent upon the willingness to do the work you need to do to reach the goal.  If you see others around you that are reaching the same goal that you set, but you are struggling… be honest with yourself about your willingness to engage and push yourself to reach it.  You won’t change if you don’t change.

3. If other people didn’t think my goal was important or worthwhile, would I still be willing to work for it? 

Own your goal, your dream or your desire.  Never let it be dependent upon approval of others.  Your goal is yours… not theirs.  Stop giving your power and energy over to someone or something that doesn’t have the same skin in the game as you do.

4. Am I willing to face the obstacles that have kept me from reaching this goal in the past? 

Undoubtedly,  you will face obstacles.  They can be bad things OR good things that tempt you away, or try to block you from reaching your goals.  You must be willing to face and address them. To find success, you WILL have to discover how to work with, through, around, or in spite of them.

5. Am I 100% willing to accept FULL responsibility and accountability for my actions, my attitudes, and my reactions surrounding my goals? 

In working toward your goals in the past, f you have ever uttered “It wasn’t my fault” , “He or She made me” ,  “The gym was closed” , ” That person or situation made me”, then you need to take stock of your willingness to accept accountability for your success.  No one… NO ONE can take away your choice in action, attitude, or reaction.

If you answered NO to any of these questions, it’s time to do a bit of inner work and figure out how you can turn every NO into a YES.

Reaching your goals and turning your new year resolutions to results takes a lot of outer work, but begins (and can end) because of the inner work you are willing to put into your goals. Some of the biggest obstacles you encounter on your journey are overcome in your inner work. Lived out success in your goals is dependent upon how you are willing to work in visible action, but also in contemplative and personal reflective action.

Are you ready to do the work? 

If you are ready to work, but don’t know where to start, connect with me on the contact page. As your coach, I can help you on your journey of turning your resolutions to results!

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