New Year 2014 – Even Better YOU!

New Year 2014 – Even Better YOU! 

happy New YearJanuary 1st marks a fresh start and a time for New Year 2014 Resolutions.

In the past several weeks that you celebrated the winter holidays, nostalgia, reflection, and desire for something to be different in the coming year became a major part of your thinking. You probably vowed to leave behind old habits and put in place new ones. Maybe it is lifestyle habit like smoking or unhealthy eating that needs to be changed. Perhaps it is relationship habits, communication or dependency patterns that need to be changed. Maybe it is simply a resolve to look at life with a more positive attitude.

IMG_9226This New Years Day- 2014, I came across a list of goals that I wrote January 1, 2006. The photo to the left spells out what my goals from 8 years ago were.  But here is a brief summary.

1. Take control of the clutter and work on organization

2. Bettering myself through education

3. Take intentional control of health without using fads or drastic measures

4. To run a 10K by Nov. 2006

Here we are, 2,920 days later, and I am happy to say, that all of those goals are currently being met.  I say that in present form because these goals were not finite and numbers based.  They were not and “ok… will work x amount for x days and then I am done.” They had no end date or duration. They were goals that required a change in me and how I live my life.  They still need a bit of tweaking and attention every day, and they were not met EXACTLY as they are written. But the habits and changes they required me to make have become part of my narrative and lifestyle. As a result, I live the spirit and results of what those goals were intended for.

Does that mean that in a single try I instantly transformed myself into the new? NO WAY! It took small steps, often changing course, and lots of work. Often it took me only being able to look and the very next small step in the process that worked.  It meant stepping that small step until it no longer worked and I had to find a new one. And then, it meant having to repeat that process over and over again until the process became habit.

Does that mean I never fail or fall short on any of these goals that I try to live out? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I fail often – then I grant myself grace. Then I continue to live the changes that I needed to make to meet these goals the first time, and I get back on track.

Does it mean that I have more value than I did before I had begun living my goals? OF COURSE NOT! It means that I value myself enough to steward my life in a way that recognizes that I was not placed here as a mistake or by accident, and like other things of value that I have, I am working to be a good steward of me.

Whatever goals you set for this year, it takes determination, drive, and an honest desire to make a change in order for them to be met and successful. It also takes realistic expectations of yourself, your body, your health and those around you. If your expectation is that a goal is an all or nothing, that it will be easy and you will not struggle, and that those around you will always support and encourage you, you will certainly lose focus and lose sight of your goal. Each thing you do in life has an effect on something else in your life.  Sometimes you will struggle as you Woman UP and make more stewardship minded choices, and sometimes things will just meld.

Where ever you are in your journey to becoming an even better you there are some things to keep in mind as the New Year rings in.

  • Every day is a new day and a new beginning – not just January 1st. If resolve waivers, the next day is an opportunity to start fresh.
  • There would not be success if there was not failure. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t reach a goal.
  • The biggest part of learning comes not from reaching the goal, but from the journey you take to get there – whether we reach our destination or not.
  • Keep resolutions realistic and attainable. There is a better chance of keeping them if you set yourself up for success.

Happy New Year 2014! May this be your year to be an even BETTER YOU!

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