I’ve Been There…

“My mission is to ELEVATE, EQUIP and EMPOWER women to step it up and ROCK THEIR WALK!  When they choose to Woman UP they are empowering themselves to take back control, gain clarity, and step out in confidence in their path, regardless of the bumps, changes, and challenges of life. They are truly ROCKING THEIR WALK”

                                                     ~ Angie Mozilo

*I know that life is bumpy, and I’ve lived lots and lots of bumps, just like you.  

*I understand what it is to struggle, to doubt, to second guess, and to just not know myself anymore, just like you.

*I have wanted more, but at the same time sabotaged myself from being more, just like you. 

*I have felt like the world was against me, just like you.

*I have had loss, disappointment, unexpected change and life changing events, just like you. 

*I have lived my life for everyone else, just like you. 

*I had life toss me around, just like you. 

*I have struggled with the question “Who am I?”  just like you. 




**I made a choice to reclaim myself in spite of the happenings of life. Have you?

**I stepped into my accountability for my progress, growth, and development. Have you?

**I rediscovered the heart of “me”, and my dreams and desires. Have you?

**I have taken ownership and responsibility for who I am in  life. Have you? 

**I can boldly and confidently declare “THIS IS ME!” Can You?

**I can declare “I AM ROCKING MY WALK!” Can you? 


My passion and purpose is to empower you to be able to do what I have done.  To find out how working with me can work for you visit *WORK WITH ANGIE for more information.

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