I Want EPIC!

colloseumThis month, I celebrated my 47th birthday.  As I did some reflecting on what I want from me and my life in this coming year, one word comes to mind…


I work with many clients that choose to take the ordinary happenings of life – the irritants, the bumps, the regular stuff of life, and turn them into mountains.  They  make epic out of the ordinary.  In full disclosure, I used to be really addicted to this myself.  I’d take the small things in life and ruminate, marinate, and proliferate it into something bigger and badder than it actually was. I’d get stuck on a comment or a look someone gave me and somehow morph it into a novel about why they didn’t like me.  I got to play victim in my own story a lot. I also excused myself from growing a lot.

But the EPIC that I want for me this year, is not what life is putting into my world. It is about what I am putting into the world with MY life. It is about moving ME FROM ORDINARY TO EPIC!

I feel pretty good about the path my life is on. I’ve found a nice trajectory in my business.  I’ve built and maintain good relationships.  I challenge myself in moving my body.  I fuel my body and brain well.  When bumps in life hit, I manage them in a relatively healthy and productive way. It’s all good.

But I don’t just want to settle for good.  I want great. I want stupendous. I want fantastic and exciting. I want to elevate my game and ROCK MY WALK like I have never done before.


But, this is not easy.  It takes work. It takes getting out of the comfort zone. It takes being willing to step out of my familiar place and into my optimal space.  It takes realizing that each person is granted ONE walk on this earth and has a responsibility to do the best with it that they can. I am the only one accountable for my walk.

It requires:

  • Energy that is focused and directed toward goals
  • Purpose that drives the will to push forward
  • Inspiration from the rewards that come with leaving the comfortable place
  • Choice in attitude, actions and reactions 


I will have EPIC by choosing to step out and do new things that expand who I am. I will have EPIC by showing up with my best in all that I do.  I will have EPIC by understanding that my growth affects me AND those around me.  I will have EPIC by recognizing that ordinary things happen in my life, but that I AM NOT ORDINARY!

How about you?  Are you willing to settle for living your life ordinary? Or do you want EPIC too?


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