Attitude Check: 3 Clues Your Own Attitude is Holding You Back

attitude checkDo you stumble in your efforts to grow?  Do you set out to meet goals and continually miss the mark?  Do you want things to be different, but somehow they seem to never change?

If so, you just may need to do an attitude check.  

Your attitude is a powerful thing.  It has the ability to define the perceived outcomes of situations.  It can direct the course of interactions with others.  Your attitude dictates how you walk through your day.  It is so powerful, that it can even make or break your success.  It is a powerful thing.

If you are struggling to grow in your personal life or professional life, you owe it to yourself to do an attitude check.  If you think your attitude is “just fine” and you are still struggling, it is time to take an honest look at what YOU are bringing to the equation.  It’s time look at your thinking, your outlook, and your heart-space for any of the following 3 clues that may tell you and attitude check, and fix are in order.

Clue 1: The Work Is A Punishment

You see the work you have to do as something that makes your life less enjoyable. Changing habits is somehow the penance you pay for not having had the best habits before.

FIX:  Choose to see the work you are doing as an investment that earns compounded interest.  The payoff at the end is realizing your goals, and creating new and lasting habits.

Clue 2: The Victim Mentality

You assume that the world is working against you.  You believe that everyone and everything is plotting against you to make you fail.  If everything around you would change, then you could change too.

FIX: Realize that although you may encounter those who don’t support you, whether you continue on your path to self-improvement is completely your responsibility.  It is not the job of anyone else but YOU to take control of your life and choose your path. You are 100% accountable for how you act. react. and respond to what is going on around you.

Clue 3: The I Can’t Syndrome

You expect failure.  Even before you started on your journey, you had it in the back of your heart, your head, or your willingness to act, that you were not going to be successful.  You cling to the mantra of “I can’t” or “it’s too difficult”.  As a result, you don’t.

FIX:  Very bluntly… it’s time to remember that you are a grown up.  Most of the time, “I can’t” really means “I’m not willing to push myself.”  Think of all the more difficult things than this that you have been through -and you know there have been more difficult or tempting things,  and see how truly capable you are. Don’t minimize what you have already overcome by choosing to not work through things that are not nearly as difficult.

Attitude checks are not always easy, but they are always necessary.  Whatever you find from your attitude check always remember:


Choose wisely, and your life, your growth, and your success just may change.

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