April Showers Bring May Flowers – 3 Reasons Why You Should Dance In Your Rain

IMG_9051april showers bring may flowers…


That saying probably goes back as far in your memory as you can reach.  The practical interpretation is easy to grasp – the early Spring rain showers of April bring much needed water to germinating seeds and new growth, allowing them to flower.

The sentimental interpretation is also easy to grasp – that even among the dreariness of the storms, there will be a bright and beautiful outcomes.  What simple and lovely outlook.

But let’s get real here.  This little saying sure gives false hope and expectation about what it’s like to be in the rain. You’ve lived through more rainy days than you can count, quite a few thunderstorms, and maybe even a hurricane or two. It’s wet. It’s cold. It’s muddy. It’s messy.  Even after the rain stops, the mess continues – at least for a while.  Things have fallen over in the saturated ground. Some are blown away by the storm’s wind.  Structures leak or rust, all as a result of this “rain”.  Roads wash away.  So…just where the heck  are the flowers?

As you have probably figured out by now, we’re not talking about actual rain. How easy it would be if we were. We’re talking about the deluges that life pours on us.  And it pours on us all, at one time or another. Unexpected things happen. Tragedy strikes. People get sick. Relationships end.  It is messy, muddy, and requires a lot of clean up.  In those moments in life, do YOU find yourself reciting the sweet little poem?

I thought not.

BUT…..The rain has value. And even though you may not welcome it, you must go through it.  It’s even better if you dance in it.

3 Reasons To Dance

You’re going to get wet anyway. Regardless of where you stand in life, the rain is going to come.  You may find temporary shelter, but eventually the drops hit you.  Your cover fails or leaks, and it comes.  If you just stand still, covering your head, you will end up drenched and huddled in the same place you were when the rain started.  But if you choose to dance in it, you move actively through it.  And even though you are still wet, when the clouds lift, you are in a better place to accept the blue skies ahead.

The rain washes away what has been hiding and hindering you.  Struggles in life strip you down. They have a way of making you reassess what has value, what is important to you, and what falls in line with your character.  A storm also reveals that no matter what you have, who you know, or who you are, you are vulnerable to life’s storms.  They also wash away relationships that were not genuine.  When the clouds pass, even though you may feel raw, there is a new freedom in having those things that hid and hindered you washed away with the rain.  The calm and freedom after the storm is a reason to dance.

New growth germinates. Like the poem says, the rain brings flowers, or at least growth. As you have traveled through life, seeds of need, desire, dreams, and fulfillment have been buried along the way.  Very often, a rainstorm in life opens up a space for those seeds to be watered.  The rain allows those seeds to germinate and eventually grow – if you let them. If you are standing still you are denying those seeds the very thing they need to grow – water, and light. When you choose to tend those seeds – giving them space to receive what they need, you are dancing in your rain.

Dancing Is Not Denying

To be clear, dancing in your rain is not denying the presence of your struggle.  It does not minimize the impact of a loss or disappointment. It is not disrespecting the storm.  It is simply moving with the rhythm of the rain.  Dancing in your rain lets you work with the storm that life has brought you instead of living at its mercy.

How do you handle the storms of life? Can you say that you have learned to dance in the rain?

Woman UP In Action

The next time a storm in life hits, dance with these three steps:

  • Pay attention to your actions and reactions to the storm, and evaluate if they are helping you move in the storm or keeping you still.
  • Look for areas that are uncovered by the rain, and rediscover something about you.
  • Remember that the storm is just your now, not your forever.



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