About Angie

Angie is an entertaining, motivating and inspiring speaker that is available for your next gathering or event.

head-shot-2Angie speaks with a strong and confident, yet empathetic voice. Having traveled many bumpy roads in life of loss, doubt, challenge, and change, she knows that the roads are not easily traveled, but well worth the effort and learning along the journey. Through sharing life stewardship, accountability, and belief that being stuck in the mire can always be overcome, she empowers women to get out of stuckness and step into greatness. As a woman of faith, she knows that there is purpose in all, even when it is not clearly visible.  Through her experiences in sharing with live, internet, radio, and TV audiences, Angie has found the space that brings the heart of a woman together with professional voice and presentation. She is truly passionate about empowering women and helping them steward life with accountability and confidence. She speaks from the logic of the head and the passion and compassion of the heart.

Angie Mozilo is a certified life coach, speaker, and workshop author. She has been sharing inspiration and motivation through a combination of stage presentations, workshops, face to face, radio, TV and online interaction since 2008, reaching countless women around the globe. She empowers them to step into ownership, accountability, and management of their first and most precious gift – the life they’ve been given. She is the owner and creator of WOMAN UP! Speaking and Coaching services, author of several workshops on goal setting and rediscovery, and author of her own personal and professional blogs.  Through writings, speaking engagements and workshops, and coaching, Angie equips women to own and harness the potential, purpose and power that makes them shine, and empowers them to move from asking the question “Who am I” to declaring boldly and confidently  “This Is ME!”

Angie is based in Phoenix, Arizona where she resides with her amazing husband of 23 years, her 3 beautiful and independent daughters, a crazy cat and the sweetest black lab on the planet. As a woman who’s “been there and done that”,  Angie knows the importance of understanding the role empowerment, personal accountability, rediscovery, and faith have in moving forward along the bumpy path of life.  She has a heart for helping women to know that who they are is precious, and important – regardless of what their own personal backstories hold.


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