Greener Grass Syndrome – 6 Tips to Overcome It

Greener Grass Syndrome – 6 Tips to Overcome It

grass is greenerFace it… you peek over fences and compare your yard to another’s, even though you know you shouldn’t. And often you want what you see on the other  greener side – the “perfection” you see on the fertile and producing surface.You think that there is no way that the grass on the other side of the fence could have possibly endured the same crap in life that yours has.  If it had, it would be just as brown and dry as yours.  How nice it would be to have that lush life growing in your yard. 

Hold it right there a second…

It’s time to step back from your pity party. You’ve got a bad case of the Greener Grass Syndrome.  

Take a minute and step out of yourself and realize that there may be a couple of reasons that theirs is greener than yours. First, maybe it’s fake. Fake grass has no roots and does not grow.  The last thing you want is a life that does not grow, so stop comparing yourself to one that is stagnate and phony. Build the fence higher and forget that it is there. 

The second reason might be that side of the fence has had a lot of “fertilizer” in life.  The gardener in that yard chose to take the trials in life and use them to grow. She isn’t better than you, she just has used the resources that life brought her to create something valuable and good. She hasn’t let the crap in life poison her yard. She chose to use it enrich her. 

So how do you  do the same and overcome the Greener Grass Syndrome. How do you not let the junk of life poison your grass? 

Start by doing these things:

1. Refuse to let the junk hold you hostage.

2. Recognize and take accountability for any part you played in bringing it into your life.

3. Learn how to not repeat the same mistakes.

4. Don’t let the disappointment that happens in certain moments of life dictate your expectations of every moment of life. 

5. Look at your own grass and choose to see the green blades among the brown.  You are more blessed than you realize. 

6. Water it in faith of what can and will be, if you choose to let it grow. 

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