5 Keys To Being Victorious

5 Keys To Being Victorious

You wFullSizeRender (23)ant to be a winner. You want to have an upper hand in life in some area.  Maybe you didn’t have a huge master plan for your life, but you certainly didn’t plan or set out to be defeated. Yet you find yourself feeling that way from time to time. Perhaps a lot of the time.  You want to feel in control again. You want to be VICTORIOUS.

I know that feeling.

I spent a lot of my life feeling like circumstance in my life kept me in a place of submission and defeat. I had a very traumatic relationship and as a result. life experience that seemed to take my control and power in life away.  (See my story here as featured by Empower UP Project.)

But I learned to shift my position from victim to victorious.  I am sharing 5 key choices and actions that allowed me to move from feeling powerless to empowered

5 Keys to Being Victorious

  1. Feel From the Heart But Act From the Head – Don’t get caught up in the momentum of emotion. It’s healthy to allow yourself to feel the emotion. But, emotion is not always the best place to act from. It can produce knee jerk reactions that don’t actually get you anywhere. It can also keep you from choosing what is best for you, because it is often driven by what your esteem believes you deserve. But if you feel in your heart, and act from your head, you can take informed and empowered movement toward your victory.
  1. Ditch the “Yes” Friends – When you have been wronged, hurt, or traumatized, you need a place to share and be heard.  However, think about the place you are taking it to.  If you are taking it to your friends that are content to simply confirm your hurt and anger (your yes friends) you may stay stuck in victim mode. Find the outlet that has empathy for your experience, but affirms your ability to move forward and be victorious, and challenges you to step out of the familiar place of your pain.
  1. Create Boundaries – Empowering yourself requires making decisions about what you will let in your space. That space can be physical, emotional, or psychological space. Creating boundaries in what or who you will allow in your presence (even if it is a boundary with yourself) is a loving and healthy way honor your safe zone. It allows you to fully express who you are without having to negotiate others feelings, judgments or expectations. Know that it may cause a shift in the dynamic system that may be uncomfortable at first. But, setting a boundary can be the most victorious thing you can do for yourself and for those around you.
  1. Rediscover the You that You Forgot – Take the time and make the investment in yourself to rediscover the you that was lost in the chaos of your circumstance. You were a different you before life happened. You deserve a chance to live out and be victorious in all the dreams and hopes that existed before your circumstance.
  1. Be Accountable for Being Victorious – One of the difficult truths about being victorious is that it is something that lies squarely with you. No one can be it for you. No one can make it happen for you. Be accountable for taking the steps that bring you back to fullness and wholeness in life. Victory is a choice that you have to make.

What areas in your life are you ready to be victorious in?

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